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and i would like to dedicated this font for annete or :iconznow-white: she is from Stockholm ,Sweden, and one of the Best GM, from DA

why i create this font for her? well
i dont know why..., may be its because, a letter z that should written S in her nick name znow-white is very interesting me

and i think its cool, and thats why my s and z letter on znowwhite font is looks strange too haha.

well annette i hope you like this font too

anyway, you can download this font, copy to your font folder in windows, and you can create a logotype, text art, another typography, by this font.

well on text art znow white up there, i make a symbol of something, i hope you can see it and write in the comment below

what do you think it is

thank you everyone, love you all

good luck
Designed by: weknow
Category: Various
File size: 7.4kb
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znowwhite lowercase

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znowwhite uppercase

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znowwhite characters