ylee Polymnia Framed

- Thank you for downloading my font "ylee Polymnia Framed". Hope you love it!

- This font includes alphabets of Basic Latin, Greek, Korean (Hangul - Extended Wansung), and numbers, etc.

- This font is free for both commercial and non-commercial use. Yes, FREE. No need to ask for permission, just enjoy :D

- I would love to see what people do with it. If you make something especially great, send me a copy or a link!

[Updates: 13/08/26]

- Fixed minor line glitches appearing on custom preview
(The older version already works fine in MS Office & Adobe Photoshop environments, but I fixed it a little bit just in case.)
Designed by: Yosep Lee
Category: Square
File size: 375.2kb
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Lowercase characters

ylee Polymnia Framed lowercase

Uppercase characters

ylee Polymnia Framed uppercase

Other characters

ylee Polymnia Framed characters