wacky sushi

WACKY SUSHI is a Hiragana based font, I was trying to apply the strokes and the way of drawing Japanese Hiragana letters
to the basic latin which led to this "wacky" result.

The Hiragana characters look "normal" but you only can use it if you have MS IME input installed on your computer for Japanese characters input.
(And some basic knowledge of the Japanese language).

This font is free for PERSONAL use only. For any commercial use (anything you make money from), you must send a paypal donation to [email protected].

Please contact me via [email protected]
also about the following:
- This family does not contain all the language extensions, but I am willing to create any extensions on request
- Any other question or feedback.

You MAY NOT sell my fonts or claim them as your own.
You MAY NOT edit or rename my fonts.

You MAY redistribute my fonts if:
1. You credit me (Roland Huse).   More...
Designed by: Runes & Fonts
Category: Asian
File size: 31.4kb
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Lowercase characters

wacky sushi lowercase

Uppercase characters

wacky sushi uppercase

Other characters

wacky sushi characters