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My Fair Cody


As of July 2011, this font is NO LONGER FREE for commercial uses.
My Fair Cody is a copyrighted font by U.S. Copyright Office (www.copyright.gov).

Please read the attached EULA.
Visit www.aboutletters.com for purchasing the font(s), a special license, other exceptions and/or license upgrades.

There are light, regular, bold weight of My Fair Cody (v.3.0) are available.

* * *
The font was designed in memory of her beloved border collie, Cody. Initially designed as an illustrative font, the lower cases were adopted to create this elegant typeface.

* * *

You may NOT upload and distribute this Font Software. The only designated web sites for distribution of this Font are dafont.com and AboutLetters.com.
Designed by: About Letters
Category: Various
File size: 97.9kb
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My Fair Cody lowercase

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