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Made of Stars

This font is designed by Luz Collioud, under the mantle Untitled Motion.

If you're interested in other typefaces, you can check my website: http://untitled-motion.tumblr.com/fonts/ , where you'll find a brief catalogue of the fonts I've created and the links to their respective shops or free sharing websites. Did I told you that I give out free fonts sometimes?

This font is for personal and commercial use. I would love to get credit for the font, but it's not neccesary, just a suggestion.

If you use this typeface for something and you want to send me a picture of it, I would be delighted, and would share the photos to all of my friends and followers, so... more publicity for you! Send me the image to [email protected], even if it's a birthday card, I don't mind!

Hope you enjoy this font!
Untitled Motion
Designed by: Untitled Motion
Category: Distorted
File size: 32.3kb
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