the font formerly known as tondo*

a free font

*special thanks for naming to Luc Devroye.

it's not complete yet.. please leave comments and suggestions

this one is my personal fontribute to:
lali puna - scary world theory

You can use it for free for personal use. Please give credit (something like: font used is Telegrafico by ficod + a link to my deviantart page if you can).

If you're going to earn money for a project involving this font, I would consider correct to make a donation (send me an email/PM and I'll send you a link for donating by PayPal).
Imho a donation is not a payment, so you're free to donate as much as you want (be kind, please!).

05.30.2010 UPDATED
Due to a name conflict, Tondo has been renamed to maagkramp (guess why)
Designed by: Salvo Nicolosi
Category: Rounded
File size: 11.3kb
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Lowercase characters

Maagkramp lowercase

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Maagkramp uppercase

Other characters

Maagkramp characters