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I had 2 friends that both didn't like their names so they made everyone call them something else, which was both funny and interesting, but could be confusing at times. Also a side note, both of them never met, but they came upon their new names by meeting little girls that they though had vute names. Thus I created this font.

This letter and number set is fun and unique, just like you! (And apparently my friends!) The capitals have serifs, and the lower case set is capital as well but sans serif. Confusing! But fun and interesting at the same time, no? I feel like this font has somewhat of an Asian look to it, and I think it would great in Signage, Ad Copy, and Cartoon Design!

A font that I created to use for a website design. Intended to use for Web Design and Large Ad Copy. Kind of sexy!

This is free to do with whatever you wish, personal or commercial. Just don't claim ownership, sell it, redistribute it, or be a jerk with it.

It might be cool if you use the font to either credit MuraKnockout Media or Michael Muranaka, or show me how you used it! Enjoy!
Category: Various
File size: 5.9kb
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Lowercase characters

Kiona lowercase

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Kiona uppercase

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Kiona characters