Ciudad Nueva CAPS


Due to alot of positive feedback I have updated la Ciudad Nueva. In addition to creating a Bold version, I have also made a nicer K and Y, changed the number set, and adjusted the kerning.

I am currently working on creating a lower case, and making symbols and accents, basically completing the font.

Thank you very much for your positive feedback and compliments, and if you have any input please don't hesitate to contact me! Enjoy!


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I was walking through the mall today after dropping my wife off at work and I saw an advertisement for makeup. I thought about the advertisement on the way home, and then I created this font. It's a classy and stylish number and letter set. It's kind of bold and edgy, like Johnny Cash covering your song and singing it better than you did. I can see it being used for Ad Copy, or maybe a nice Logo? Why don't you just download it and have your own way with it?

This is free to do with whatever you wish, personal or commercial. Just don't claim ownership, sell it, redistribute it, or be a jerk with it.

It might be cool if you use the font to either credit MuraKnockout Media or Michael Muranaka, or show me how you used it! Enjoy!
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Ciudad Nueva CAPS lowercase

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