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Dear Fans of my Font!
I?m getting so many requests lately, that I can?t answer them all, so I hope you all read this note.
I?m not a professional fontdesigner and I never planned to make profit out of it, so here are my guidelines:

1. If you want to use it PERSONALLY(print a t-shirt, use it on your own webpage?) ? feel free to do so.

2. If you want to use it PROFESSIONALLY (i.e. make money in any way by using it, like printing t-shirts and selling them, use in a magazine or book) know, that the font itself is not for sale and i do not give out any individual licence for usage. However, when you use it, show me your appreciation and SEND ME AN EMAIL. I will then give you my adress and you can send me something nice from your hometown (a hard rock café t-shirt - in Size XL - a coffemug, a book or a bottle of tequila, whatever?).

Designed by: El Stinger
Category: Handwritten
File size: 16.2kb
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Lowercase characters

Christopherhand lowercase

Uppercase characters

Christopherhand uppercase

Other characters

Christopherhand characters