The third in a series of Sanborn map inspired fonts, this time based on the glyphs from a 1906 insurance map for Allegheny, Pennsylvania. As with Galveston & Spartanburg, the font has limited language support, with a view to expanding this at a later date and is served 100% free and as is.
(Make sure you keep the Caps lock off. Allegheny is designed to use upper and lowercase glyphs and is quite unpleasant in all caps due to the decorations)
Should you have the good fortune to be able to use this font for commercial purposes, you gain good karma by sharing your good fortune and clicking the donate button, found just beneath the download button on this page.
My thanks once again go to the naughty mods who oversee these pages for their encouragement, support and advice in getting these endeavours off the ground.
Designed by: Pilaster Davy
Category: Retro
File size: 14kb
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Lowercase characters

AlleghenyPA lowercase

Uppercase characters

AlleghenyPA uppercase

Other characters

AlleghenyPA characters