This Week in Type #7

We’ve got games, inspiration, installations, apps, tutorials, new fonts and some cool typography quotes. Pretty much everything you need for another well-deserved long weekend, right? Let the stroll through some of last week’s goodies begin!

Awesome Typography Projects of Marcelo Schultz


Transforming the designs on paper into digitally rendered vector artworks brings us to the next level of creative awesomeness. Agree? If you’re into hand drawn lettering, this post should be to your liking. It features works created by Brazilian illustrator Marcelo Schultz, showcasing his typography projects in both sketched and digitally rendered forms. Enjoy!

Stunning 48 kilometre Thread Installation Arrives at South London Gallery


This is not just another exhibition, this one has strong ties with typography. Literally. The installation made up of a 48 kilometer network of threads is the work of Californian artist Pae White. The threaded installation forms a dark cloud of criss-crossed black and purple across the gallery roof with individual threads trailing back to the wall where they spell out motivational super graphics, reading TIGER TIME and UNMATTERING, inspired by bouts of insomnia. It’s beautiful. And free. Too Much Night, Again runs until May 12 at Peckham’s South London Gallery.

Create Unique Typography with this new Instagram App


Here’s another online experience. It’s called Ampergram, an app that enables you to create endless typographic compositions using cool photos of fonts. You can capture and tag your own letters, or use the app’s already stellar offerings generated by the community. Download and have fun! What do you think?

Google’s New Font Revealed


Have you heard that the new slab-serif font Roboto Slab is already being used by Google and is available to download? It’s used in parts of the mobile version of its new notetaking app, Keep – and has made it available for anyone to download and use in their own projects. Interested?

18 Creative Typography Games That Will Max Out Your Font Skills


Weekend is just around the corner, so get your hands on this collection of creative typography games that will max out your font skills. Or at the very least, keep you from getting bored on the bus. Go now and harness the creative power of typography gaming! It’s time to play…

 40 Cool Typography Based Quotes


Quotes and typography on posters are a great and quite popular way to decorate an office or workspace. This handpicked selection is inspired and equally inspiring. Which one do you like the most? And which one are you gonna stick above your desk?

Photoshop Tutorials – Improve Typography Skills with Text Effect Tutorials


For those who really want to improve their typography skills, take a look at these Photoshop tutorials. They should help you create stunning and realistic text effects. As you probably already know, Photoshop is a pretty good tool for creating amazing Photo Effect and Text Effect  from simple to advanced makeovers. So, dig in! You’ve got 20 fresh ones to choose from. Good luck!


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