Effective use of fonts

Choosing the right font can make or break the overall effectiveness of your document. Size, readability, and contrast must all be taken into account when deciding on a font to use. Headlines and primary selections of text should be transcribed in a font that is large enough to be read easily, match the tone of the document, and stand out from the rest of the text. By following these simple guidelines, you’ll be able to choose the best font for your headlines and other related text.

First consider the purpose of your document. Is it a serious report that you’ll be submitting to your boss? If so, avoid any fonts that are playful or funny in any way. Make sure you select a formal-looking font that would be business-appropriate. By matching the font to the tone of your document, the text will read easier and the document will flow smoothly from start to finish.

Use two different styles for headlines and the main text. By alternating styles, you will create contrast that will increase the effectiveness of your headline text. Readers will be ready for a transition to a new topic and the entire document will appear more organized. For example, if you are using a serif style font for your main text, switch to a sans-serif style for the headlines.

If at all possible, you can use color to enhance the contrast between headlines and other text. Not only should the color of the headlines be different from your primary text, it should also contrast well with the whatever background color it is set against. Make sure you are using simple colors, however, as electric or neon colors will do nothing more than distract the reader and make your document difficult to read.

Make sure your headlines are at the very minimum, one size bigger than the rest of your text. A larger font will draw clear attention to the headline and further distinguish it from the rest of your document. For intricate or detailed fonts, a large size is necessary in order to keep the headline neat and readable. Wherever possible, avoid these decorative or elaborate fonts. Such fonts can distract the reader from the purpose of your text and draw too much attention to the actual font itself.

Once you’ve picked a font which meets all of these guidelines, its very important to use it consistently throughout the document. If you keep switching the font that your headlines are set in, the reader will become confused and unsure of what you are trying to do. Staying consistent will train the readers eye and make all of your documents transitions as smooth as possible.

A perfect font can draw attention to important parts of a document, help make reading the text easier, and infuse a strong sense of professionalism and high-quality to all of your text. Make sure you consider all of these guidelines when choosing one for your own needs.

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