Times New Roman Bold Condensed

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Times New Roman first appeared in 1932 in The Times of London newspaper~ for which it was designed. It has subsequently become one of the world’s most successful type creations. The original drawings were made under Stanley Morison’s direction by Victor Lardent at The Times. It then went through an extensive iterative process involving further work in the Monotype Type Drawing Office. Based on experiments Morison had conducted using Perpetua and Plantin~ Times New Roman has many old style characteristics but was adapted to give excellent legibility coupled with good economy. The Times New Roman font family is narrow in relation to its apparent size~ and is strong in color with a crisp and clean appearance. The Times New Roman Condensed font family combines vertical and diagonal stress~ but achieves utility and even color by a logical and skilful manipulation of both weight and condensation. Widely used in books and magazines~ for reports~ office documents and also for display and advertising.

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