Lucida Sans Demi

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About Lucida Sans Demi Font
Lucida Sans brings a human look to the sans serif style. As in Lucida Bright~ the inner forms are based on writing styles of the Italian Renaissance and have a more relaxed~ hand-made rhythm than the rigid shapes of grotesque sans-serifs. The large x-height~ clear forms and open spacing of the Lucida Sans font family create a rhythmic~ readable text at all sizes throughout a wide range of office and professional documents. In all-capital settings~ Lucida Sans capitals make a strong~ readable~ and harmonious pattern. Lucida Sans Italic is a dynamic and distinctive design that appears formal yet handwritten. It is a true cursive or running style because its inner movement is based on formal chancery handwriting of the Renaissance. It is not merely a slanted version of the roman. Used by itself~ Lucida Sans Italic gives a personal~ active~ but disciplined look to any text. For larger sizes (above 14 point)~ Lucida Sans can be fine-tuned by subtracting a few units of letterspacing (negative tracking) for a tighter~ more active look. Lucida Bright is the ideal serif companion to Lucida Sans.