Lucida Bright

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About Lucida Bright Font
Lucida Bright has a brilliant look that comes from high contrast between stems and fine hairlines~ sharply cut details of serifs and joins~ and tight letter fitting. Lucida Bright Regular has a formal~ authoritative~ and elegant appearance. Lucida Bright Demibold and Demibold Italic are strong enough for emphasis and headings~ but light enough for full paragraphs of text. The crisply defined forms of the Lucida Bright font family is effective at larger sizes in titles~ headlines and display. Lucida Bright’s large x-height helps text look big at small point sizes~ and its tight fitting and slightly narrow letterforms help fit more words on a line. The Lucida Bright font family is especially effective where legibility and economy are important~ as in the text columns of newsletters~ manuals~ magazines~ and newspapers. For wider text columns~ as in books~ Lucida Bright is most effective with additional leading or line spacing. Lucida Bright is a modern design of the computer age~ but its inner forms are based on writing styles of the Italian Renaissance. Like many typefaces~ Lucida Bright can be fine-tuned for small sizes (8 point and below) by adding a few units of letterspacing (positive tracking). Lucida Sans is the perfect sans-serif companion to Lucida Bright.