ITC Blair Medium

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About ITC Blair Medium Font
Jim Spiece~ an Indiana type designer and graphic artist who has created quite a few revival fonts based on typefaces of the '20s~ '30s and '40s~ went back to the turn of the century to find the inspiration for ITC Blair. Wide~ stark Blair looks like a sans-serif variation on its contemporary~ Copperplate Gothic. Blair was issued by the Inland Type Foundry in 1900~ but similar faces had been in use even earlier. According to Mac McGrew in American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century~ Inland tried to have it both ways~ simultaneously touting Blair as “new and original” and calling it “an exact imitation of the small gothic letter now so popular with engravers for stylish stationery.”

The original Blair was a “lining gothic~” cast in several sizes of capital letters on the same body~ to make mixing sizes easy in metal. Jim Spiece has turned this into three weights of caps and small caps~ with the small caps only slightly shorter than the full caps~ and he carefully adjusted the stroke weight so they'll look good together. Spiece enjoys making extra and alternate characters~ and for Blair he created two sets of numerals~ one to match the cap height and one to match the small-cap height. Like its metal forebears~ ITC Blair is meant to be set with generous letterspacing~ especially in the light weight.