This Week in Type #20

Have you noticed it’s autumn? Or you’re still daydreaming about summer? Either way, it’s good to know that we’ve been keeping an eye on the online, and we’ve just picked some of this week’s most interesting articles about typography, design and the like. Remember?
In other words, it’s weekend, it’s harvest time!

What is Swiss Style Typography?


And what do you know about it? The kind of question that always comes in handy. Do you know for instance that though this famous design style isn’t originally Swiss-made, the touch of the country is still present even to the smallest detail of the design? Well, now you know. But you’ll find out more exciting insights if you read this particular article. The history of famous… types: fascinating. Wanna bet?

10 Super Useful Tools for Better Web Typography


You’ve probably heard before the one about web design being 95% typography, right? Well, the good thing is that with the growing popularity of web fonts and modern CSS techniques, web designers should find this task easier, especially since posts like this one roundup super useful tools to help me, you, them create better typography. Good luck!

Scrabble Typography Edition

scrabble-typography-2nd-edition-685x489 Chances are you are both into typography and word games, so this special edition Scrabble set should be to your liking. It features fifteen fonts never before seen on the classic board game. Of course, it doesn’t come free of charge, but it might be the perfect gift for certain font enthusiasts.

The Top 40 Typography Apps


Typographers, here you have some of the most essential font apps that can make your type-oriented life a little easier and in some cases a lot more fun. The app world is brimming with ways to improve your typography skills, so make the most of it. Fingers crossed! And don’t forget to have fun too.


Here’s something for the ‘practical advice’ section. It starts with a simple question: How can you make Google Fonts load faster on your site? The answer comes with revealing screenshots and details. Bookmark it!

Amazing Typography Print Designs of 2013


Let’s end in style, with some of the best typography print designs of 2013. You’ll easily notice they are outstanding in appearance and superb in nature. Inspiring material. Enjoy! Have a great weekend!



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