This Week in Type #18

This week we go back to basics… again. But we mainly focus on summer and the harvest of typography projects that make the most of food, T-shirts and paper. You’ll see! In other words, we have animated typography, 3D types that pop out of the page and English idioms ready to be served (literally!). Well, you’ve got the picture. Let’s move on:

 The Principles of Typography: Back to Basics


They say content is king, typography is the crown and design is the throne. What do you say? Whatever the answer, this article juggles with some basic principles. Hopefully you already know that typography enhances the readability of information on a web page, yet — quite ironically — it also helps users avoid reading. But no more spoilers, go back to basics. Read on!

Why Do Web Designers Need To Pay More Attention To Typography?

What is one of the most common tasks people perform on their computers, tablets and phones? Reading, of course. And this article gives web designers five suggestions on how they can improve the look, feel and readability of their pages. It might come in handy.

English Idioms Recreated With Food Typography


This is fun. The many faces and… tastes of typography are quite popular these days with projects that combine food and types. ‘_____ as _____’ series is London-based designer Christine Kawasaki-Chan’s latest lettering project, where she recreates English food-related idioms using typography and food items. Hungry already? By the way, what other idioms would you like to see recreated?

TypographyShop: Clothing and Art for Type Nerds


Here’s another project that plays with types in unexpected places. Designer Patrick King made this collection of T-shirts for designers and typophiles. Take a look! Anything you like? Which one would you wear? Any favorite fonts you’d like to see on your favorite T-shirt?

Animography Aims to Bring Animated Typography to the Masses


We came across this type foundry created by Jeroen Krielaars, a graphic designer who runs the Amsterdam-based design studio Calango. Animography declared aim is to make life a little easier by offering animated typefaces delivered in neatly organized After Effects files. You must agree that animation and typography has always been a tricky combination. Hundreds of hours go into designing a family of type, a process that is, at times, highly exact. Oh yes, the types are scalable. Don’t be shy, take a look around.

Intricate, 3D Typography That Pops Out of The Page


This is absolutely lovely, a project by typography artist Yulia Brodskaya. She makes her words come to life with… paper, thus combining her interests in paper crafts, hand-made objects and typography. From personal projects to advertisements and packaging, her work creates an added texture to any product. Enjoy!

And, of course, don’t forget to have a fab weekend!


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