This Week in Type #17

Summer is here! And there’s probably no coincidence that most of the pieces in our round up are colorful, vibrant, and oozing inspiration. You’ll meet a new font, some flowery typography, retro ‘photography meets typography’ project, beer… types, tips on classifying fonts, proverbs and types that tackle sensitive issues. Let’s take a closer look:

New Handwriting Font is a Thing of Beauty


This new Sketchnote typeface, created by Mike Rohde, the author of The Sketchnote Handbook, is designed to be practical, to convey the human character and quirks of Rohde’s normal handwriting and hand-drawn lettering with the benefits inherent in digital fonts. The family is comprised of four fonts: Sketchnote Text in regular, bold and italic, plus Sketchnote Square, with some cute illustrations thrown in for good measure. Take a look! What do you think?

Colorful Typography Print by Katie Daisy


This collection of unique typography art pieces by Katie Daisy is quite sweet, inspiring for those into flowery, colorful, springy inspiration.

Typography meets Retro Photography


Here’s some more inspiration. For those who don’t know, Stéphane Massa-Bidal is Retrofuturs, and ‘Space Relationship’ is a new series that throws the viewer in a retro-futuristic universe. Enjoy!

The Magic of Typography


This is not just an article praising typography, it actually comes with some basic tips to improve your web design typography. Useful for beginners and fans alike.

Typography Gives Ale Bottle Designs Added Flavor


Check out these unique beer labels designed by Scott Greci! Ranging from the classic to the quirky, each label’s font effectively conveys the unique characteristics of each beer. Attractive, attention-grabbing beer bottles, great source of inspiration and… thirst.

The Proverbs Typography Project


This Project by Michael Masinga uses old proverbs that provide insights on life and the way one should behave and act to live a good life. But before you get to the meaning of the words, enjoy the beautiful typography.

Creative Use Of Typography Tackles The Issue Of Child Abuse


Here is the latest Childline video on the tough subject of child sexual abuse. Typography plays an important part. Emotional, creative and inspiring. Take a look!

A Short Diving into Typography: How to Classify the Fonts


In this article you have a clear and concise classification of fonts. There’s nothing too complicated and it is well-explained. Don’t worry if you have another classification or you find another article that delimitates the fonts into different categories. As the authors suggest, maybe you should just consider the classification of fonts as a tool or a guideline, not as a rule. Except for the common accepted classification of fonts: sans serif and serif fonts. Check it out, it might come in handy.

How about you? What great read did you come across this week? Share!
And don’t forget to have a fabulous weekend!




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