Calligraphy Courses. Part 1

Did you know this quote from Steve Jobs, where he shares his passion for typography? If you didn’t, take a look below! Besides being quite impresses by all this, we realized that people don’t talk as much as they should about calligraphy these days. For those who need a bit of clarification, calligraphy is a type of visual art related to writing. It is the design and execution of lettering with a broad tip instrument or brush in one stroke. Classical calligraphy differs from typography and non-classical hand-lettering, though a calligrapher may create all of these. Of course, modern calligraphy ranges from functional hand-lettered inscriptions and designs to fine-art pieces where the abstract expression of the handwritten mark may or may not compromise the legibility of the letters. But it still is basically about the beauty of creating characters at the moment of writing.


Take up a course!

There are a ton of courses out there. You can find one for beginners, but there are plenty for those who want to improve their calligraphy skills. If your job involves lettering (engravers, masons, sculptors, artists, draughtsmen, typographers & printers) and you feel it might help, trying a course that suits your level might be like renewing the passion for your trade.

Museum Courses


It’s not only colleges and universities that offer courses and classes in calligraphy, museums are another place you should check. Like this one: Pen Museum in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Their classes are suitable for everybody, from people who have a general interest to those who make hand-crafted cards, historians and teachers. Those who are interested in a career in advertising, design or graphic art might want to consider such a course too. And if you’re torn between fonts and calligraphy, you can always choose to create some adorable Calligraphy fonts.

Another great plus is the informal atmosphere. You’ll probably be introduced to the broad-edged pen, receive advice and information about cartridge inks. You’ll be shown a range of different types of fountain pen with an explanation of how they are re-filled, plus advice on care and maintenance. Of course, you’ll also have the opportunity to try out a range of fountain pens and dip pens to assist them in deciding which one is suitable for you.

Correspondence Courses


Believe it or not, this actually works. The Calligraphy Correspondence Course at The Society of Scribes and Illuminators was originally part of the Roehampton University programme. The course was devised to answer requests from those who wished to study calligraphy seriously but were unable to attend full-time courses. Since 1987 it has been helping many calligraphers worldwide. This kind of course can be invaluable for those beginning to study calligraphy seriously as well as for those wishing to realise their full calligraphic potential. Check out there page for details.

Next week we’ll back with more tips for those interested in calligraphy. Stay tuned!



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