This Week in Type #16

Summer is here, and, what do you know, the weekend is here too. What a lucky coincidence! Since you’ll have plenty of time to read in the sun, you may want to check out our weekly round-up too. In the menu today: a fresh slab serif font, a ‘lorem ipsum’ collection, typographic illustration by Timba Smits, the font and the city (you’ll see), and a squeeze of inspiration.

Sweet Examples Of Beautiful Typography – 31 Prints


It all starts with the author’s belief that web typography has its limitations and it isn’t yet understood and used to its full capacity. However, typography in prints has reached its maturity and there are no limitations to it. Agree? If so, then you’ll enjoy this article displaying 31 beautiful typography prints to be admired. Great source of inspiration also.

Nexa Slab Typography


Meet Nexa Slab! This is a geometric slab serif font with a design based on the best-seller Nexa. Find out more about what it contains, what makes it ideal for the web as well as for print, for motion graphics, logos, t-shirts, etc. It is serious without being rigid and inflexible, systematic without being monotonous. Though it may seem at first glance to be more suitable for short, direct messages, in the hands of a master designer it can create exquisite and harmonic designs. So they say. See for yourself. Read on!

9 Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators


I’m sure you’re already familiar with the standard Lorem Ipsum text generator website. What this post is telling us is that ‘lorem ipsum’ text does not need to be dull, hence this surprisingly inspiring collection of funny lorem ipsum generators that might also add a little hilarity to your design prototypes. Try it in your next design. See who picks up it. Good luck!

Typography Inspiration


Here you have some fresh stunning findings From Up North. Words and letters for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

 Famous Cities Get Their Own Fonts


Remember our Wednesday inspiration post? It was about Street names and the types various cities around the world use. This time, a real estate company shows its creative side with a brilliant ‘What Font is your city?’ infographic. They basically match 10 US cities with their font equivalents. Each city is accompanied by its own font and the name of the designer behind it. I wonder which one is into… graffiti fonts. Anyway, it’s a smart and fun project. Take a look!

Gorgeous Typographic Illustrations for Wired Magazine


You’re about to discover the work of Timba Smits thanks to French type designer extraordinaire Jean François Porchez and… this article in The Font Feed. The article Rory Sutherland knows how to save marketing published Tuesday on Wired features a dozen of his entirely typographic illustrations. Using an bright colour palette, Timba updates a vintage Americana carnival-like style to visualise quotes from the author of the article. By the end you’ll definitely head to Timba Smits’ website to discover his other typographic, design and illustration work. Enjoy!

Typography Quote of the Day: Process of Type Design


Last, but not least, we finish our weekly round-up with the typography quote of the day. It’s on the process of type design.

BTW, what was your favorite typography story this week? Share with us!



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