This Week in Type #15

Have you ever taken the… derailed typography train? Have you ever tasted typography? You know, literally. If no is the answer, wait until you finish reading this weekly round-up. We also have mind-blowing typography art projects, tutorials (lots!), golden rules, and even sculpture, although there are no sophisticated fonts in sight. Enjoy!

85 Amazing Typography Tutorials


Check out these pretty amazing typography tutorials from around the web. We talked about some of them before, but this article manages to bring an impressive number of really good ones together. Now, learn how to design a headline typeface, create isometric 3D lettering, smelt your favorite font and much more. You’re bound to find something that can help you raise your type skills to the next level. You might want to bookmark it.

Web Designers Should Focus More On Typography


Some say that the only typographical questions that most web designers face is what font they have to use for their design. This article tries to tackle this issue. It looks like choosing the right typeface and manipulating correctly the font size, weight, line height and other rather less important attributes is not enough. To be a good web designer you need to have a good understanding of typography and how it works. Read on and find out more.

To Eat With Your Eyes: 40+ Delicious Food Typography Designs


This is the work of designers who, obviously, want to trigger cravings with food and types. Of course, most food typography is purely for artistic purposes, but every once in a while you may come across a title font that would be perfect for a project you’re tinkering on. This is one good sized portion of inspiration. A few are actual fonts that you can purchase – fonts that the designer created with real food and photographs.

25 Mind-Blowing Typography Art Projects


Here you have a killer roundup of art projects that take typography into unexpected territory. At some point you’ll come across a music video for “Dream,” by Husbands. Take a look at the diversity of typefaces and backgrounds used — they range from ornate script, to Western-style slab serifs, to cool European grotesks. AND this video was NOT made on a computer. Find out more about it with behind the scenes clips. Quite impressive. Enjoy!

Golden Rules for Typography


This article talks about some golden typographic rules for those who want to create a difference online. With hordes of websites available on the web space, it’s difficult to make your site stand out from the crowd. Typography is essential. Agree? Then read on.

Book Sculpture Illustrates OCD With A Derailed Typography Train


Check out the typography and detail that went into this extraordinary train design created by Thomas Wightman. It’s almost hard to believe that all this came out of a book. It makes you realize how versatile books are, and how nice it is to give them a second use. However, aside from breathing new life into this old book, the project also illustrates the effects of OCD on a person’s life. It uses the metaphor of a derailing train to show what it’s like. Quite impressive.

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