Typography Competitions. Part 2

We’re back! We have found more competitions that will help you flex your creative muscles and, hopefully, win some cash or kudos. Or both. A capital city and a sticker need your skills, while design students can win a life-changing professional experience. Here’s what we’re talking about:

SPD Student Design Competition


Here’s something pretty exciting for enthusiastic greenhorn designers. SPD (The Society of Publication Designer) is an annual professional competition for students. With this one they try to find the best editorial design out there. The great thing is that you can enter as many… well, entries as you like. There are categories, rules, cash prizes, Adobe software and an exciting summer internship at a top NYC magazin summer internship. You can also have your work published in the SPD Annual along with all the professional winners. Get ready for next year now! And don’t forget to check out all the details.

The Canberra Centenary Typeface Design Competition


This is a one-off international competition that comes from Australia. You need to create a versatile and usable new typeface, to be employed primarily in headlines and sub-heads that reflects the style, spirit, prestige and character of the city of (drum roll) Canberra! Further research is needed, but the whole experience sounds like a great challenge. Your entry will need to comprise a full English alphabet, in upper and lower case, bold, light and regular, (medium) fonts plus a light italic. It should also include common English punctuation marks i.e. question, exclamation, quotation, semi colon, colon, stop, comma; brackets and general typographic marks such as ampersand, asterisk, hash, @ and percentage marks.  You know, the usual. The deadline for receipt of entries is 5.00 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) July 14th 2013. So, plenty of time. What happens if you win? You will receive a handsome AUD $10,000. Good luck!

‘Youth Is Wasted On The Young’ Stussy Sticker Design 


More from Australia! Stussy are giving bubble artists the opportunity to design a fresh type for their tag line “Youth Is Wasted On The Young”. The winning design will be produced into a skateboard sticker that will be distributed exclusively in General Pants Co stores as a gift with every Stussy purchase. You must think “strong, bold and vibrant” typography, sticking to their skate heritage from the ‘80s and ‘90s but with your original twist. A word of advice: think outside the comic sans square!
What’s up for grabs? An exclusive skateboard sticker, 500 stickers of the ‘Youth Is Wasted On The Young’ design, plus the opportunity to print 1000 stickers of another design produced by Stussy. AND $500 Stussy wardrobe. But check here for details. Fingers crossed!

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