This Week in Type #5

Life’s been pretty good this week, like a long preparation for the weekend. It just happens that in our virtual strolls we’ve come across films, books and vintage cards. No worry, they’re all related to our beloved typography. And all one click away. Here we go:

Three Typography Films You need to Watch


You’ve probably already noticed that there seems to be a lack of documentary features about typography. So did the authors of this article, who found three great documentaries that feature typography not only as an element of design, but as a passion and source of inspiration for those who practice it or just enjoy it. If you’re looking for creative and typography-focused feature films, look no further.

Chair-Themed Typography For Furniture Fetishists


A chair, probably the last thing you’d think that has anything to do with typography. I bet you never expected an entire alphabet made out of them. Or, did you? Long story short, designer Tim Fishlock has put together this Typeseat print where each letter is represented by an iconic 20th century chair. He explains everything. Read on.

A Guide That Matches Beard Styles With Their Typography Soulmates


What’s the normal topic of conversation after chair typography? Well, beard typography, of course. German designer Christian Goldemann expresses his love for both beards and typography with this Typography Beard Guide, which pairs famous fonts with their “best beard brother”. We can only ask again: What do you think—should the Handlebar really go with Didot?

Typography inspiration | #689


This is today’s intermezzo (From up North!): stunning designs primarily made with words and letters. Enjoy!

15 jQuery Plugins To Improve Typography


Here you have a collection of jQuery typography plugins that should help web designers get better control over their websites for web typography. We are assured that these plugins will help you manage your webpage’s typography in a really… nice way. Wait no more, start enhancing the typography and add awesome effects. Check them out and pick the ones that you like the best.

20 Best Typography Books Every Designer Should Read


If you’re a designer anxious to improve your craft, a good way to achieve this is to study type too. Step one: buy some typography books. Whether you’re already a font aficionado or can’t tell the difference between Times New Roman and Arial, this collection of typography books will introduce you to the basics of typography and, some say, it should give you a greater appreciation of the typefaces that surround you every day. Sounds promising.

Vintage Typography Cards


How do two designers congratulate each other on their birthdays? Not really sure, but this set of Vintage Typography Cards from Princeton Architectural Press, designed by Elana Schlenker might do the trick. The type has been lifted from vintage typographic manuals, and ranges from one-of-a-kind hand drawn samples to early twentieth century favorites. Joy!

And don’t forget to have a inspiring weekend!

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