This Week in Type #4

This week was… sweet. Yes, that’s the word. With all these articles about chocolate and typography, we just couldn’t keep our hand off the sugary treats. Among other things we took a crash course in anatomy (of web typography!), wallowed in tutorials, fell in love with a typo-classy-workspace, played with word animals and so on. But enough about the joys of typo desserts, let’s just dig in!

80 Top-Class Typography Tutorials


Here’s a post you should bookmark right away. It gathers together 80 of the best typography tutorials from around the world. Learn how to design a headline typeface, create isometric 3D lettering, smelt your favorite font and much more. You’ll definitely find something that can help you raise your type skills to the next level.

The Anatomy of Web Typography


This article takes a closer look at the elements of typography which are important to web designers, focusing on two essential aspects: those which influence your choice of typeface and those which you can manipulate. And it all makes perfect sense when you’ll be able to articulate (to clients, or team members) your typographic opinions and decisions. Important stuff, read on!

Infographic Of The Day: Why Should You Care About Typography?


Typefaces function in different ways, and typography is a constantly moving discipline under pressure from aesthetics and technology, and this infographic tells this story. It does a pretty good job laying out the basics of typography, such as the common types of faces, ranging from regular to condensed, and the anatomy of letterforms. Surprising and insightful. Should come in handy.

Word Animals Typography


This delicious intermezzo is a new project called “Word Animals”. The images speak for themselves. Good opportunity to practice your French too. Just, you know, enjoy!

A Former Factory Redesigned To Become A Typography-Themed Workspace


We simply want to move in this former 125-year-old lima bean factory, located in Old Town Irvine, California, because graphic designer Ty Mattson transformed it into an awesome office space. All the typographic and graphic design details make it a visual delight for the people working in it. How we envy them. How about you?

Chocolate Meets Typography In These Delicious Typefaces


Design Taxi really made us daydream and drool over types this week with their posts on… chocolate and typo-themed workspace. Back to sweet types now, because designer Rosa de Jong has created some delicious typefaces with her ‘Chocography’ letters. She uses hand-cut plastic molds to create edible typefaces in Helvetica, Rockwell and Baskerville. Bon Appétit!

Web Apps and People that can Help You Identify Fonts


If you can’t instantly identify an attractive font you come across, no worry, the web can help. And this post compiles a list of websites and people that can lend a hand. Good luck!

10 Typography Trends for Web Designers in 2013

This is a rather personal account of typography trends in 2013, but it’s well-structured and it provides a great starting point for a discussion about what this year has in store for us typography wise.  So, what are the new typography trends that you’re especially looking forward to?

Have a carefree weekend!

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