This Week in Type #3

The last week of February made us think about the future of responsive typography, but also look back at pictograms and hieroglyphs. Nothing like a good history lesson to understand the present and the future, right? Talking about lessons, we came across a great collection of infographics about typography and hurriedly bookmarked it. Typography apps and walks also caught our eye, so the weekend looks exciting too. Without further ado, let the round up begin!

Creating Exciting And Unusual Visual Hierarchies


This article takes a closer look at layouts containing large or small amounts of type, and explores how it can be controlled in a way that is enticing and easy for all to access. Visually this can be achieved by relying on several things: texture and tone, seeing the designer as reader, combining typefaces, using color, employing multiple types and, of course, using the grid. If you’re just as fascinated by the complexities that can be expressed through typography you’ll enjoy this insightful article.

Font Hinting And The Future of Responsive Typography


If you’re one of the type designers who suffers from font hinting headache, this should help you cure it. But hold your horses, because hinting might actually provide the essentials for truly responsive design, and vastly expand the possibilities of digital typography for designers, publishers, and readers. Read on and you’ll figure it out.

Is My Type Stressed? A Primer on Stressed Typography


First of all, where you aware of the fact that typography can also be… stressed? Because the following article delves into this concept.  They’ll walk you through exactly what types of typographical stress are and how you can ensure it doesn’t affect the readability of your designs.

10 Infographics That Will Teach You About Typography


This a great first lesson in typography and design. It will feed you tons of visualized information. A roundup of infographics which will help you discover new and interesting things, as well as reinforce and reiterate stuff you already know about typography. Definitely a good post to bookmark for future reference. Now, ready, steady, visualize data!

Prototyping Responsive Typography


Pictograms. That’s how it all started. But you’re probably aware of the fact that the history of typography dates back about 5,000 years when a series of pictograms evolved to hieroglyphs in Egypt and later around 1,200 BC to Phoenician alphabets. Believe it or not, many of the basic concepts of typesetting are still the same as 500 years ago. Read this article and you’ll find out more about (yet again) “responsive typography,” and universality as a design principle. Probably the core principle behind all the work we do. Exciting read.

Top 25 Typography Apps For iPhone And iPad


It was a matter of time before using mobile devices to create typefaces and play font-related games. That’s what these 25 typography apps for Apple devices do. Since the weekend is round the corner, browse through this collection of essential typefaces and fonts apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Some say they can make your type-oriented life a little easier and in some cases even more fun. Let’s see!

Typography Walks And Workshops For Font Fanciers


For those passing through or living in London, take a look at this upcoming series of Type Tasting events. Yes, these are workshops and events for people who get excited over fonts, letters and typography. The events start this month, and if you’re interested follow them on Facebook or join the mailing list.
Have a great typographic walk and an inspiring weekend!

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