You Know When You’re a Fontaholic When…

  • You’re cruising down Main Street and you start pointing at business signs and logos speaking to no one in particular you say: I have that font, that one and yep, I have that one too!
  • You see a CD-ROM of fonts in the bargain bin for $5.00 and even though you already have 99.9% of them you buy the CD anyways.
  • You show off your font collection to your non-designer friends and they just stare blankly at you.
  • Your home dcor is nothing but your own typography work.
  • No matter how, you obtain a really old software version of Fontographer and you get utterly excited, even though it won’t run on your current computer.
  • Your font collection contains fonts for both the Mac and the PC even though you only have one computer
  • You get into font family wars with your designer friends.
  • You find that your font collection exceeds the capability of the font management software that you just bought.
  • The CDs containing fonts are getting out of control and you decide to put them all on an external 200gig hard drive and they still won’t fit.
  • Every object you see in everyday life is soon turned into a dingbat or a wing ding.
  • Your printing service recognizes you as soon as you drive into the parking lot.
  • You are forced to uninstall a number of fonts because the operating system can’t handle your working collection.
  • Finding out that you are running out of storage space for your fonts, you turn towards that little bit of extra space on your web site server.
  • You can’t receive any e-mail because you took up too much of your web server space for extra fonts.
  • You find out through haggling that your custom neon light manufacturer will give you a huge price break if you throw into the deal your font designs
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