Wednesday Inspiration: Playful Types On Happy Homepages

We can all agree that typography is an essential part of web design. We can also agree that we can’t take our eyes off smart typography, especially when it mingles with other design elements. While browsing around, we came across these five homepages where typography takes centre stage and, quite often, jumps off the page.

Just Dot 


Here’s a classic example: typography and design merge into one clear-cut message. The sketchy fonts take most of the space. They are inviting and create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. You even feel like doodling along.

Ipole Cat


Another playful example of typography mixed with design elements. Observe the touch of anthropomorphism that makes any other overpowering design element redundant.



Tiny types in essential places. You just want to take them, snuggle up with a warm cuppa in front of that window and just read.

Ego Pop 


If you don’t either want to touch these or eat them, then they failed. Bon Appetit!

Jesse Willmon 


With this one, you just can’t help yourself moving the pointer over all the grey sketches to check up the hidden colours.

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