The Best Fonts for Winning Website Design

When it comes to designing a winning and profitable web site, the fonts you choose can make more of a difference than you may realize. Choosing the right fonts can help to enhance the readability, beauty and usefulness of your site, and an attractive and user friendly website can mean more profits for yourself and your business.

There are seven fonts that are typically understood to be the best for web site design. Those seven fonts are:

1. Arial

2. Futura

3. Helvetica

4. Lucida

5. Optima

6. Palatino

7. Verdana

The reason these fonts are so popular is that they are easy to read on computer screens, even those screens with low screen resolution. Many other fonts may be nice to look at, but they can be distracting and reduce the effectiveness of the other design elements of the website.

There are a number of things to consider when designing fonts for your web site, and the style of the fonts can be just as important as the fonts themselves. Using large font sizes, bolding and other enhancements can make important text stand out and attract the attention of the web page visitor. After all, the intention of any website, no matter what its purpose, should be to attract the attention of the viewer and make the website easier and more pleasant to navigate.

It is also generally best to choose sans serif fonts whenever possible, since sans serif fonts tend to be easier to read than serif versions. Using a generic sans serif font will also make the website viewable across a wider variety of web browsers and operating systems.

And even though fancy fonts, like script styles, can be attractive, when it comes to designing a website, simpler is better. It is important to keep the design as clean and simple as possible, as this design is likely to appeal to a wider variety of website visitors. Keeping the design basic, simple, and easy to read is likely to result in a better impact and a greater number of customers.

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