Fonts and Your Business

When it comes to running a business, whether on the internet or in the brick and mortar world, there are many things to consider. One of the most important of these considerations, however, is also one of the simplest and most often overlooked. The fonts you choose to install on your business computers can have a big impact on the success of your business, both in terms of capturing customers and in terms of controlling the costs of doing business.

One way that the right fonts can capture customers is through a compelling and user friendly display. When designing forms, letters and other documents for a web site or other type of use, it is important to think like a customer, and to be able to see things from the customer’s point of view.

One way to do that, of course, is to choose fonts that are both easy to read and pleasing to the eye. While a fancy script type font may be pleasing to look at, for instance, reading such a font for a long period of time can be tiring to the eye. It is important therefore to restrict the use of these fancy fonts to short documents, and to use a more standard font, such as the web enabled Verdana font, for longer documents or forms.

It is also important to consider the color of the fonts, as well as the size. A larger font will of course be easier to read, but it is important not be make the fonts so large that they overwhelm the other content on the web site. It is also important to choose a font color that coordinates well with the rest of the web page, and that will be pleasing to the eye of the visitor. It is important, for instance, to consider the background color you are using, and to choose a font color that goes well with it. A mixture of green background and blue font, for instance, will be difficult if not impossible to read, while a black font on a white background, or vice versa, will be quite pleasing and easy to read.

Not only can the right fonts help your business capture new customers through innovative and user friendly designs, but the right font can also help reduce your costs of doing business. One way the right fonts can lower costs is through the automatic printing of post office bar codes on letters and other mailings. There are special fonts that can take the ZIP code from a mailing and produce a bar code that can be scanned by the post office, thus reducing the cost of postage to your company. In most cases these fonts must be purchased separately, but for companies with large quantities of mailings, such an investment can quickly pay for itself.

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