Font Usage and Good Web Design

When it comes to designing a winning and profitable web based business, there are of course many things to consider, and it can take a great deal of hard work and dedication to get a new internet business up and running. One of the most often overlooked aspects of winning web design is that of choosing the right fonts.

Of course fonts may not be as exciting or as sexy as the latest in Flash technology or Macromedia design, but they can be just as vital to the success of your web design, if not more so. Without the right fonts in place, even the best looking web site can be difficult to navigate and difficult for customers to use.

When choosing the right fonts for a new or existing web based business, it is vital to think about things from the perspective of the average web site visitor. This customer centered focus is what sets the best businesses apart from all the rest, and it is important to look at how easy the web site is for average users to navigate and use.

One important thing to consider is the look of the font. Some fonts, including the popular Verdana font, have been designed specifically with electronic media in mind, but there are a number of fonts that look good on the web. It is important to choose a font size that is large enough to be easily read even on a monitor with a very high resolution, while not being so large as to overwhelm the rest of the web site content. It is a good idea to look at the finished web page at several different screen resolutions to make sure the quality is acceptable at all resolutions.

The color of the font can be just as important as the type and size of font, and when it comes to choosing a color it is important to look first at the background color of the web site background. For instance, a font color like red or green may not be legible on a bright blue background, but the same font may look good on a black or white background. Again, it is important to look at the finished web site before uploading it to your web server in order to make sure customers will see it as a well designed and user friendly web site.

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